Getting a Handle on Phone Technology

Depending on your age and generation, you may have very different ideas about what phones mean. You may be confused by the new people on the block that communicate entirely different than you, or you may have no idea what image should come to mind when someone says ‘hang up the phone’.

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Test Management Solutions Can Really Help Your Business

I started this blog looking at ways for individuals, businesses and companies to save money. I’ve researched, interviewed and gained a lot of first-hand experience along the way, and have discovered that one of the easiest and most effective ways to save money is to stop and reflect on your current business practices and consider this question: am I operating as efficiently as possible?

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Picking a Camera Bag

You might have spent a pretty penny on your prized possession which is the camera you use to shoot your professional or leisure pics, and while all new photography enthusiasts go through what seems to be an extended honeymoon period during which you’d be happy to carry your camera around your neck, at some point you’ll need to start thinking seriously about investing in a camera bag. The amount of equipment you have tends to expand rather rapidly as you begin to hone your skills and explore the many growth opportunities that come with your pursuing your craft. Continue reading “Picking a Camera Bag” »

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Different Types of Printers for Home or Office

The most common way to tell printers apart is to know the difference between home and office models. Office printers are built to meet the higher-volume printing loads of a workplace, where one printer may be used by a workgroup or an entire office. Printers designed for large places of work may have duty cycles (the maximum number of pages you can print in a month without risking damage to the printer) in the hundreds of thousands of pages.

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Attract More Local Business with Phone and Internet Technology

Attracting local business is important to many firms. Unless you’re based online, you’re likely to be trying to get local customers interested in your business. There are “traditional” advertising methods that work well for targeting local areas. But you can also use modern technology to reach people within a certain geographical location. Marketing methods such as print advertising can be effective for local businesses. But it’s also very useful to think about telecommunications and online advertising too. Through the use of techniques such as landline to mobile technology and local SEO, businesses can use technology to bring in customers in their local area. Continue reading “Attract More Local Business with Phone and Internet Technology” »

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Top Reasons Why You Should Become A Game Developer

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If you’re currently looking for a new career path, and you currently have adequate computer skills, opting to enroll on a game design degree course could completely turn your life around. Most of these courses take around three years to complete, and once you’ve graduated, you’ll be able to work for some of the most innovative and fun companies in the world. Some people think this job would be incredibly difficult, and while that might be true, ultimately it’s very rewarding. However, if you’re still not 100% convinced, just spend the next few minutes reading through some of the points I’ve made below. After doing so, I don’t think anyone in the world would be able to argue with the fact that becoming a game developer is a brilliant move. Continue reading “Top Reasons Why You Should Become A Game Developer” »

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