Advantages of online recruitment

An Obituary to the great James Martin

Living in a virtual world means that almost everything we desire is accessible – and now. There’s no need to wait for services which in the past would have meant phone calls, meetings or relying on the postal system. We live in a world where if we want to do something now – and see results – it’s possible. Continue reading “Advantages of online recruitment” »

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How Apple uses Ireland to avoid tax – And doesn’t care.


Within hours a terse reply had been dispatched across Ireland’s second city. In the memo, dated September 15, 2004, an E&Y partner explained that the company was not trading and, in any event, was not technically resident in Ireland for tax purposes. “In the circumstances, there is nothing to return from the corporation tax standpoint,” the bean-counter wrote.

The company in question was not some doomed venture established by a foreign investor on Ireland’s wild southern coast. Rather, it is one of the most profitable companies the world has known.

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Online Vs. Offline Storage – where should you keep your data?


Backup is a task any business should be doing on a daily, if not more frequent basis. There are all kinds of potential disasters that can strike at the very heart of a business and when it does, it can spell disaster for the smallest business to the biggest global corporation.

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Free-Range Workers – The Mobile Employee


For the vast majority of business the only mobile workers are the traditional model of the on-the-road ‘salesperson’ based out of a company car with a laptop and a phone while the rest of the staff are connected to desktop computers in the office. In recent years ‘mobile’ technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and for many business it no longer makes sense to have rows of workers chained to a particular workstation. Continue reading “Free-Range Workers – The Mobile Employee” »

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