Different Types of Printers for Home or Office


The most common way to tell printers apart is to know the difference between home and office models. Office printers are built to meet the higher-volume printing loads of a workplace, where one printer may be used by a workgroup or an entire office. Printers designed for large places of work may have duty cycles (the maximum number of pages you can print in a month without risking damage to the printer) in the hundreds of thousands of pages.

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Test Management Solutions Can Really Help Your Business


I started this blog looking at ways for individuals, businesses and companies to save money. I’ve researched, interviewed and gained a lot of first-hand experience along the way, and have discovered that one of the easiest and most effective ways to save money is to stop and reflect on your current business practices and consider this question: am I operating as efficiently as possible?

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Why Brits Love Emojis!


It was revealed this week that Britain has a new fastest-growing language being used by increasing numbers of people – emoji. It’s not a language as such, but just about every message that gets sent by mobile phone, email or social media includes some kind of smiley face, symbol or other animation which has its own meaning.

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High-tech Greenhouse Ideas


Having a personal Greenhouse is a great way to grow flowers, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables all year round.  Now new Greenhouse technology is making it even easier to grow and care for own plants. Here is a list of incredible high-tech Greenhouse ideas for both personal and commercial greenhouses.

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