Picking a Camera Bag

You might have spent a pretty penny on your prized possession which is the camera you use to shoot your professional or leisure pics, and while all new photography enthusiasts go through what seems to be an extended honeymoon period during which you’d be happy to carry your camera around your neck, at some point you’ll need to start thinking seriously about investing in a camera bag. The amount of equipment you have tends to expand rather rapidly as you begin to hone your skills and explore the many growth opportunities that come with your pursuing your craft. Continue reading “Picking a Camera Bag” »

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Tablets are dead… Long live the Phablet?

A lack of new product releases in the first half of the year from market leaders such as Apple had forced IDC to trim its expectations, while the growing popularity of large-screen smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note, had also hindered growth of the larger format.

The rise of the “phablet”, as smartphones with bigger screens are colloquially called, has been one of the trends of the consumer electronics sector this year.

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Must-Have Accessories for the SECA DS100 Telescopic Pole Search Camera

The SECA DS100 telescopic pole camera system is one of the best pieces of technology on the market, specially designed to meet the rigorous standards of border agencies, security firms, and emergency services. The advanced camera offers high resolution colour images in daylight and clear black and white images in poorly lit conditions, and the battery pack will last up to 8 hours to ensure that you always receive a full day of work. Continue reading “Must-Have Accessories for the SECA DS100 Telescopic Pole Search Camera” »

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How To Stay Secure Online

There are more and more scare stories of online security threats. The news has been awash with online hacks lately. This year we have seen celebrities being hacked and had their personal photos leaked. Closer to home, internet banking fraud is a very real threat. On a much small level, we have all come across strange email attachments. Many of us will have experienced a hacked Twitter account and tweeted spam without realising.

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High-tech Greenhouse Ideas

Having a personal Greenhouse is a great way to grow flowers, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables all year round.  Now new Greenhouse technology is making it even easier to grow and care for own plants. Here is a list of incredible high-tech Greenhouse ideas for both personal and commercial greenhouses.

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