Which 2013 Tablet is the Best for Gaming?

Many gamers today prefer tablets over other kinds of devices for their gaming needs. There are many reasons for this. One of these is the size of the device. They are smaller than a laptop which makes them easier to transport as well as bring out to game while on the go. Gamers also find that tablet are much easier to hold in their hands with more room to spread their fingers out to use control buttons. While there are many tablets on the market today, not all of them are best configured for gaming. One of the best tablets for gaming is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

Serious gamers must have a tablet that comes with a lot of power. In this area, the Galaxy Note 8.0 doesn’t disappoint. The tablet comes with a 1.6 GHz quad core Samsung Exynos processor. Along with a powerful processor, a sufficient amount of RAM is also needed. The Galaxy Note 2.0 comes with 2 GB which is ideal for gaming whether it be at an online casino or another kind of game. Multitasking is easy to do with this particular tablet. Switching between applications is done smoothly with fast response. You can easily enjoy an online casino game at a site like http://www.gamingclub.com/mobile-casino while texting or other applications.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is an Android tablet and has undergone several measurements to determine its strength. For instance, one benchmark that provided testing was Quadrant. This test measures overall performance of the device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 earned a score of 6810. To put this in perspective the average score of tablets is 3164. This is a perfect example of how this tablet outperforms others on the market. On other independent benchmark tools, the Galaxy Note 8.0 also outscored most other tablets. Whether you are a serious or casual gamer, this tablet is ideal for online casino gaming.