5 Must-Have Attributes to Look for in VR Development Companies

The ever-increasing adoption rate of virtual reality (VR) applications in both consumer and commercial markets are unlocking this disruptive technology’s full potential. Many businesses today are requiring the services of VR development companies to foray into virtual reality.

The demand for VR developers who can conceptualize immersive VR applications is on the rise. But high demand breeds competition. So businesses looking to develop a compelling VR experience must find the right VR development company who can turn their vision into reality.

If you’re planning to create a serious immersive experience that’s compelling, meaningful, and replayable, this guide is for you. Listed below are the essential attributes that a VR development team must possess to craft the right kind of experience for your business.

1.    They communicate clearly with you

Failing to plan is planning to fail. This saying also applies to VR development.

The best VR companies on the market will take the time to speak with you to understand what you want to do. After the initial consultation, they will continue to help you hash out every detail to develop a final product you can be proud of.

Communication is key to turning your idea into an innovative VR experience. The right VR company for your needs will be one that is open to feedback. They will even encourage constructive communication.

2.    They invest in R&D

The right VR development team for your business is one that grasps your concept and also dedicates considerable research and development (R&D) to your project. In such a cutting-edge field, ongoing R&D is crucial.

The more experienced the development team, the more streamlined their R&D process will be. They will have the right R&D in place to bring the latest technology to bear. An inexperienced VR development team could spend up to 50 percent more time doing avoidable rework.

3.    They have extensive experience in design

Virtual reality is visual storytelling. Whether the application is used for gaming, entertainment, or training purposes, VR has the visual capabilities few other platforms have. The immersive experience of VR is determined by design.

Photorealistic and 3D graphics applications can only be built by the most experienced development teams. So, the more complex the visual design aspect, the more experience your application will require. Experienced VR development teams can create professional quality VR experiences for your given project.

4.    They can advise you on the right features

While visual design is an important element of VR, it is not complete without the right set of features.

Virtual reality training programs, for example, must be able to accurately simulate customizable, open-ended training scenarios. They must also be able to provide instructors with insight and analytics on user performance. This requires advanced programming and AI alongside other features.

There is a certain cost factor to adding features such as dashboards, analytics, a scoring system, multi-users in one space, and so on. If your application requires numerous features like the above, you must be prepared to employ the best in the business.

5.    They provide product support

Once the final product has been thoroughly tested and distributed to the public, there is one final aspect to consider; technical support. There is ongoing maintenance to a VR application  to consider even if the job is completely done.

Some businesses will also require new features or updates as their VR application matures.

An experienced VR agency will go through such details with you during the initial consultation. The contract will stipulate a guarantee for their product that it will be thoroughly tested. It will also include costs for any additional new features not discussed during the original development process.

Getting started with VR

VR development is unquestionably complex. With the right VR agency in place, your business can accelerate its ability to create an immersive VR application. By working collaboratively with the right VR agency, your business can achieve the desired outcome from your new immersive VR experience.

Is your business ready to explore this new immersive frontier but don’t know where to start? This guide should help you navigate this emerging tech sector with greater confidence and ease.



Judit Chackal is responsible for the marketing, communication and business development efforts of Reach MENA and its sister company, SENSE-R, the leading MENA-based virtual reality developer for VR branding projects and Industrial Training Simulators. She has over a decade of experience in delivering strategic marketing & business development visions for global clients in the travel, hospitality, events and education sectors. Her passion for content and experiential marketing led her to the field of virtual reality project development.