The Brand Ambassadors Making Your Marketing

Happy employees create a happy business, it’s one of the most basic principles that some of the biggest brands in the world pride themselves on. You can’t avoid the likes of Facebook and Apple employees boasting about their work benefits. But it’s not just bragging rights that they’re spreading across social media, it’s also the brand ethos.

As well as the most covetable products in the market, they make it cool to be loyal to the brand, because who doesn’t want to work somewhere that provides sleep pods, sweet shops and even parties in their own offices?

Making your team into brand ambassadors is going to boost your business in more ways than one.  Motivating your employees will encourage them to work harder and perform better, and boast about it all through their favourite social networks. Increasing your brand exposure and developing the companies philosophy gives your customers someone to relate. Because if they can’t relate to your team, the people they’re in constant contact with, how are they going to become a loyal customer?

As well as traditional marketing methods ensure that these are supported with an efficient team. Your team are the basis of everything you do, treat them right and they will return the support that you need.

Creating this marketing gold can seem a huge cost for many businesses but there are some very simple ways to change the way in which your company works and encourages their team.

Engage, Encourage and Listen

Take the time to listen and talk to employees individually. Give them the opportunity to make suggestions about how the working environment can be improved.  This can encourage growth in the company and make them feel involved in the way that the business works. Whether you do this in a monthly team meeting or adding a suggestion box to the office, these are just a few steps you can take to make your staff feel valued.  If you don’t have time yourself to co-ordinate these ideas, appoint a culture secretary who can organise events and help to implement the ideas. This will leave you with more time to focus on the important day-to-day running of the business.

Have Fun

There are many Corporate Events companies that provide packages for businesses looking to increase the ways in which they can encourage some fun.

Having unique nights out that blow your team away will make them want to share this ‘once in a lifetime experience’ and boast about their amazing work place across social media.

You may think it sounds excessive, but it’s well known that customers love getting an insight into the philosophy behind a brand. And if they know that you care for your staff, they’ll feel encouraged that you will care for their needs just as much.

Have a social media policy in place that makes it a common occurrence to post about work and any events that are going on. Just check that the policy covers any oversharing, in case a little too much information gets shared that could be potentially damaging to your businesses reputation.


Knowledge is power. Customers want company representatives to be useful. Nobody likes rubbish customer service with people who don’t know what they’re talking about. And in the modern age of social media, it’s now even easier for them to share their disdain.

So avoid it at all costs with a rigorous customer service process that will empower your team to be a knowledge resource.

Educate them on everything about the company, any competitors and any industry trends that may be relevant to the work that they’re doing.

Ask them if there’s a particular area they would like to have further learning on, and invest in the time to do this.

Having knowledgeable employees will benefit your business as they are able to relay their knowledge onto customers. Taking the time to train them will benefit your business in the long run, as customers will see your company as industry leaders. Your employees will feel motivated and passionate about what they’re talking about leading to a possible increase of sales.

A welcoming environment

Nobody likes walking into a dull looking office that feels more like a dungeon than a place of inspiration. Try to create a colourful theme within the working environment that will help to lift their mood and make it a place that your team want to work in.

Having a clean and tidy office will encourage colleagues to work harder and not become distracted by mess, it shows you take pride in your business and want the best for them.

Make sure you offer an area where they’re able to distance themselves from computer screens and phones and socialise for a bit, creating a place where they can chill out is very beneficial and one they are sure to appreciate. Good work isn’t going to be created by staring at a computer screen all day. Let your team have an element of freedom and trust them to manage their time. They will reward you with quality work, not forced work.

Supporting your staff

Making your staff aware of their working rights and supporting them is important to ensure you’re getting the best for them. For instance somebody in your team may require flexible working hours due to individual circumstances this can be flexi time, part time, job sharing, term time working, annual hours or working from home, all employees are entitled too this unless you have a good business reason. Ensuring your team members get what they need will assure that work is being done to the best of their ability and your business is running smoothly and effectively.

As the owner of the business you should try to keep up to date with any Employment Laws so that you can always offer the best working environment suitable to your staff.

Providing your team with a strong working environment that they feel safe and secure in, will only boost your current marketing efforts further as they will enjoy work, and share their love for it.