Creating the perfect video gaming setup in your lounge

Video gaming is not something to be taken lightly and if you are a serious gamer, you are going to want your gaming space to be special. This means creating a space that not only houses all your gaming gear, but that is supremely comfortable.

Essential elements


The ideal gaming space setup should combine comfort with technology. Comfort, because you are going to be spending a great deal of time sitting down when you play, and technology, because you need to make your gaming experience as accessible, and as integrated, as possible. Essential elements should include a capacious entertainment or media center to house your TV (which should be mounted at eye level) and games consoles, a coffee table, and suitable lighting. Lighting should be located in places where it will not reflect in the TV screen. A coffee table provides good storage space for remote controls, games and other paraphernalia, and somewhere for you to place your drinks and snacks.

Seating and furniture

Comfort will be key in your gaming space. The most desirable form of seating for a gamer is a gaming chair, a purpose-built seating option. Gaming chairs are not only comfortable but have built-in audio, Wi-Fi, and connections for a range of gaming consoles. Some come with a matching footstool so you can put your feet up. An alternative to a footstool is a gaming chair that has a built-in recliner. If a gaming chair is not an option, then a truly comfortable sofa should be considered a must.

An alternative to separate gaming centers and seating is a gaming desk that has a cutout space for a chair and different level shelves for monitors, keyboard, speakers and joysticks.



The better the television, the better the gaming experience. When choosing a television, opt for a high definition 16:9 display and one that has a slow input lag. A slow input lag will make a huge difference to how quickly images are loaded. The size of the TV is also important, but do not automatically assume big is better. Instead, the size of your TV should be determined by how far away you are sitting from it. A 50-inch TV, for example, is the best choice if seating is approximately six foot away, while a smaller screen is better if closer.

The speaker systems are equally important. A surround system is best, so opt for 5.1 speakers. These can then be positioned around the room. An alternative to a surround system is a sound bar, which is considerably more compact and, therefore, tidier. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, sound bars are also easy to control wirelessly.

As a precaution, it is also a good idea to invest in a surge protector. This will protect all your expensive equipment against unexpected power surges or cuts by disconnecting your appliances.

Set up your gaming environment with furniture and equipment perfectly suited to your needs and designed to cater to your comfort to enhance your gaming experience and help you become a master gamer.