New Discovery On A 3D Hologram That Can Be Viewed At Any Angle

The riddles beneath the magic of light and space have been solved; 3D holograms which are fully viewable from every single angle are now possible –and they’re commercially available at a price anyone can afford. The day has come for 3D holographic displays that are better than the ones we’ve seen to date –so take that Tupac, Bladerunner, Fifth Element, and Star Wars. Even Q from Star Trek ain’t got nothing on modern real-world 3D holography –these are not your daddy’s 3D holographic displays.

Liberated from surfaces like screens, mannequins, or dry ice or water falls, these holograms work entirely on their own and are a complete cut above anything you have likely ever seen in person.

An Example of Multi-Angle Holograms

One of the very best examples of holograms viewable from all sides would probably be the Royal Academy of Arts 3d holoshow in London.

I absolutely love this example –it’s not just a holoshow for the sake of a holoshow, its message was powerful and the application of holograms was compelling. A beautiful display of culture, dance and mixed media; floating mathematical equations, the spoken word, and music.

If you are in the market to find a business case for using 3D holographic projection for your next presentation, trade show, or even artistic display –ask yourself; what do you dream? Because chances are it is completely possible to bring the meanderings of the mind to reality with a hologram.

Holograms and Marketing

And this is great news for marcom teams around the globe, looking for a way to create captivating brand experiences at a budget that will not suck up their entire spend for a quarter. Although the truth is, if you are seriously considering a move to holography, it is probably best to speak to a professional in the field. They tend to offer these types of hologram brainstorming sessions at no cost, and will likely provide you with enough hologram white paper material to make your business case.


Where to Begin with Holograms for Business Trade Shows, Events, Branding, Etc.

  • Have an Idea, or a Body of Work Ready to Go

First, you’re going to want to have an idea in mind –it’s more effective to have a particular brand concept, or campaign idea, or examples of previous campaigns when speaking to a hologram company professional. The more “blue sky” your discussion is, the less satisfied you might be with the results you pull out of it. Activ8 Hologram Events offers innovative 3D holograms displays, you may want to start there before shopping around.

  • Don’t Worry about Budget

And no; I am not trying to pull on your purse strings; let your business requirements dictate the solution, not your budget. Chances are whichever holographic display pro you get on the phone will be able to paint to a number and grow the concept from there. So thankfully, you can relax.

  • Book in Advance, the Further Ahead the Better

Some holographic events can be pulled together within 3 weeks, like the 90 degree hologram example below –however you really don’t want to do that if you take your business very seriously and are on a budget. Cost, setup, and all other factors are relatively easy to pull together, however you don’t want to test fate.

In Conclusion 

Whatever the need –luxury wedding, corporate event, school dance, arts show –you name it, holograms are ready and they’re fully 3D to the point where onlookers can walk around them and still see a proper, 3 dimensional image. It’s pretty great.

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