Getting a Handle on Phone Technology

Depending on your age and generation, you may have very different ideas about what phones mean. You may be confused by the new people on the block that communicate entirely different than you, or you may have no idea what image should come to mind when someone says ‘hang up the phone’.

Wherever you are in the spectrum, it’s time everyone got on the same page, and that means getting a handle on modern phone technology. Four steps to get you to the end of this tunnel include – get smart about smartphones, they are the future, get busy with business lines to avoid common communication traps, learn to use your tablet or desktop for direct audio communication, and learn how to set up face-to-faces.

Get Smart About Smartphones            

It used to be that phones were for talking. Now most people spend most of the time texting, surfing the web, or using applications to help with daily activities. On some phones, it’s actually a bit complicated just making a phone call! What that means is that you need to practice. Learn how to use address books, contact lists, and learn to use smartphone voice commands. It will take some of the pain out of this simple activity.


Get Busy With Business Lines                 

Keeping business lines open may be the most important techy thing you have to accomplish. If you’re worried about landlines, cell service, or any other aspect of communication that might cut you off, then hire a phone consulting company that has specialized services outside of the norm. Call and talk to a representative about how many benefits that has for your company and your client, and you may be surprised how compelling their business pitch is.

Learn To Use Your Tablet or Desktop for Talking

There are apps you can install on your laptop, desktop, or tablet that allow you to use them as phones. Look for reviews of VOIP apps and you’ll see that there are plenty of then to choose from, and many are customizable so you get the most out of them for whatever service you have, in whatever location. Sound quality differs in places, so be aware that you should try before you buy.

Face To Face Is the Place To Be

And instead of just using your voice all the time, why not go face to face? There are lots of incredibly stable voice and video chat software applications available for any device that connects over the Internet, and especially when you have good Wi-Fi available, it can be a much more rewarding experience for you actually be able to see the person that you are talking to.