High-tech Greenhouse Ideas

Having a personal Greenhouse is a great way to grow flowers, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables all year round.  Now new Greenhouse technology is making it even easier to grow and care for own plants. Here is a list of incredible high-tech Greenhouse ideas for both personal and commercial greenhouses.

Many high-tech greenhouses for both personal and commercial use now come with features for catching rainwater. These state-of-the-art rain barrels often come with a built-in irrigation tube or pipe to distribute the rainwater throughout the garden.

Semi-closed greenhouses are now employing the state-of-the-art techniques for cooling the greenhouse by utilizing dry outdoor air.

Greenhouses that are covered in polyurethane films as opposed to glass or other clear plastics are easier to put together and care for.  And because of its robust design, it makes it perfect for growing heavy crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers particularly those grown using the hanging gutter system.

Other Features

State-of-the-art gutter systems that are optimized for maximum light usage.

Roofs designed to lose less light.

The use of LED lights, particularly colored lights. There have been many scientific findings that show that exposure to red LED lights can increase the vitamin C content of everything from spinach to tomatoes. Where Green LEDs are can increase the plant’s growth and improve their health.

Many greenhouses come with a monitoring system that tracks everything from temperature, the humidity and all of the data can be accessed from any electronic device including your cell phone and tablet.

Energy efficient water wells and growth tubes.

Heating greenhouses with waste heat generated from composting.

Animal heated greenhouses: Greenhouses incorporate chicken not only produces natural heat, but also as a great option for raising free-range chicken and eggs.

Robot-assisted gardening: In many commercial greenhouses robots are weeding and watering crops.

Solar powered heating, cooling and ventilation.

Auto open vents

Now that you know some high-tech Greenhouse ideas, be sure to use these innovations to update your personal Greenhouse. And to find all of the latest Greenhouse models, be sure to visit  sites like diy.com for DIY and Tools reviews. And for all the best specials be sure to visit Groupon.co.uk