Must-Have Accessories for the SECA DS100 Telescopic Pole Search Camera

The SECA DS100 telescopic pole camera system is one of the best pieces of technology on the market, specially designed to meet the rigorous standards of border agencies, security firms, and emergency services. The advanced camera offers high resolution colour images in daylight and clear black and white images in poorly lit conditions, and the battery pack will last up to 8 hours to ensure that you always receive a full day of work.

In addition to the camera itself, it is a must to carry a generous array of accessories to help it fit more effectively with a diverse range of tasks.

Replacement Leads

The lead running from the monitor to the camera of the SECA DS100 is made to last, but people do still sometimes require a replacement. The can come with either a standard length version of 1m or a longer version of 5m.


It isn’t too rare for people using this device to require both of their hands to be free. Whether they are climbing a ladder or interacting with other devices, a holder can help out, securing the device around the neck while still holding it steady.

12v Battery Charger

The battery pack of the DS100 monitor can be switched out if you ever run low. Alternatively, you can use the 12v battery charger. It has an input of 230V ac 50Hz and an output of 13.6/14.5V dc @600mA, and is perfect for achieving a rapid recharge.

SD Memory Card

The SECA DS100’s monitor features an SD Card slot, so users can capture both video and still images for evidentiary use. The system comes with an SD card as standard, but you can get either a 2GB or 4GB card if you need one spare.

In order to get the best out of your SEC DS100, these add-ons and accessories are a must-have!