On-Site Security For Your Business Needs

There’s no doubt that security is of paramount importance to all business owners. Indeed, if you are a business owner then it’s likely you already take numerous measures to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees and your assets. If your business is located on large premises, such as a factory or depot, investing in multiple physical security measures is always recommended.

For larger businesses, there is often an increased threat of theft, vandalism and intrusion, both on an internal and external level. That’s why it’s vital to invest in multiple layers of physical security to protect all perimeters of your business.

With this in mind, here’s a list of on-site security your business needs:

Warning signs and stickers

Although it may not prevent a thief alone, warning signs make a great deterrent when accompanied by other security measures. These could include warning signage on the outer perimeters of the site, as well as internal warning stickers on the windows of any buildings.


Physical barriers

Physical barriers for your business include fences, walls, vehicle barriers and height restrictors. These are typically located on the outermost perimeter of your site, acting as both a physical and psychological deterrent for trespassers. If you feel it is necessary, you could fit barbed wire, spikes or razor wire to the top of any tall fencing, which will help to further deter thieves from breaking-in.

Security lighting

Lighting is vital in the prevention of break-ins to your site as criminals are much less likely to try entering a property that is well-lit. As well as this, lighting allows for easier identification of intruders by security personnel.

Security lighting may involve perimeter lighting around the outer area of the premises; area lighting around all buildings; floodlighting on the walls and fences of the site; and gatehouse lighting for the entrance and gatehouse.

All entrances to your business should be well-lit to make it easy to observe people entering and exiting the property. Although many businesses use startlingly bright security lights, it’s actually better to have low-intensity lighting systems, as high-intensity can skew or even blind CCTV surveillance and can make it more difficult for security personnel, too.

security lights

Sensors and alarm systems

Alarm systems should be deployed across the whole facility to alert security personnel of any possible security breach. Such systems may include glass break detectors, contact sensors and motion sensors, and should be placed both inside and outside the facility.


CCTV can be hugely effective if used as part of your security measures. Nevertheless, it should never be used on its own or replace security guards. You should deploy video surveillance both internally and externally; when placed in highly visible locations the cameras can act as a good deterrent for thieves.

For CCTV cameras to be effective in real-time, security personnel need to be hired so they can monitor footage around-the-clock and respond to any incidents in a timely manner. Otherwise, CCTV cameras merely provide post-incident evidence and aren’t necessarily as effective as other security measures.


Restricted access points

Creating restricted access points is a great way of controlling traffic through your facility, ensuring that people do not enter areas prohibited to them. Monitoring and controlling the traffic can be done using a number of systems, including the traditional lock and keys, as well as more advanced methods such as identification systems and card swipe technology. Security personnel can also be deployed to control access points.

Security personnel

Once implementing all the above security measures, the only real way to ensure their effectiveness is to hire security guards. Security guards can be used to do a number of things: to patrol entrances and checkpoints, to monitor CCTV footage, and to administer access control, for instance. These security personnel will be expertly trained in managing, maintaining and responding to any security breaches, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your business is protected to the highest degree.