What’s the Safest Way of Storing Your Data

With privacy and security being such hot topics in the digital age, we take a look at what’s the safest way to store your data.

Personal Backup

A personal backup can refer to everything from printing off physical copies of your own files or backing them up digitally to an external hard drive. The problem with personal backup is that, while many of us know the importance of it, very few of us can regularly keep up with the admin. If you care about the information on your computer, it’s recommended that you get a more secure set up.

Storage data bank

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server, for instance, can act as a central repository for all your company’s information. Your server will most likely use multiple hard drives making it much easier to create backups of your data. Servers are designed with specialist components that are more reliable than your average desktop PC. However, being less prone to failure doesn’t mean they’re immune to it. Having everything in one centralized location also means it isn’t protected against theft, fire damage, or flood damage. In order to truly protect your company’s data, you need to also make sure you have backups of your information on an off-site location as well.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the easiest way to do this. You’ve likely heard of the technology as it has become a common way for smartphone manufacturers to backup your photos or to easily share files online. Cloud storage is the most convenient way to store your information, as you can easily access it from multiple devices. It works by making digital backups of your files are stored in logical poo across multiple physical servers (often in numerous locations) via a hosting company. These cloud storage providers are responsible for keeping the data available and accessible, and the physical environment protected and running. However, in recent months we’ve seen scandals such as tech giant Apple’s iCloud security breach.


Third-Party Specialist

So far, you’ve probably been hoping for a solution that combines the benefits of physical backup, the conveniences of cloud storage, but without the risks. Choosing to work with a third-party specialist is the best choice to securely store your data as they keep both an off-site archive of your data as well as scan your files for digital backup. TNT Business Solutions have over twenty years experience, offer secure storage solutions at locations across the UK, and currently handle 300m physical records.

Many companies take their data security for granted. It’s only once they suffer a serious loss that they realize the consequences the business can offer, both in terms of productivity and reputation. Make sure you choose to protect your records in the best way.