Top Ways to Repurpose Old Blog Content

Most companies with an online presence, or even just the beginnings of one, understand how valuable the content they produce can be. It either takes hours to write or necessitates the hiring of a freelancer, but many pieces will only be read by a significant amount of web users during their first week or two online.

This is why you need to find your evergreen content and then repurpose it. Evergreen content is that which is of high quality and contains information stays relevant across time. The best way to find yours is to look at your most popular posts and make sure all the information is still relevant. Once that is done, take one of the steps below to give it new life.

Create a Listicle

A listicle is simply an article that is made up of a list of associated subjects. If you have written several successful blog posts around subjects that can be grouped together, write a listicle to link them. For example, a mechanic might have written several posts linked to transmission problems. They can repurpose them by writing a ‘5 Common Transmission Issues’ blog, and then linking to each one. You could also simply create a post covering ‘Our Most Popular Blogs of 2015’.

Create a Video

Videos are gaining traction in the digital marketing world since they appeal to a broader selection of web users and help webpages to rank on Google. They’re also a great way to reuse older pieces of content. It doesn’t take long to turn a former blog into a script, and you can then present it again to appeal to new users, link back to your main site from a platform like YouTube, and reinforce the information that is currently available.

Refresh an Older Article

No industry stands still forever, so you can even take an older article which contains slightly out of date information and then refresh it. For example, few web users will now want to read ‘Top Dog Grooming Trends for 2015’, but they might be interested in reading ‘What Happened to the Top Dog Grooming Trends of 2015?’.

If you own a blog, everything that you post should be considered a resource, and you won’t want to stop at using your valuable resources only once.